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Streaming sites are the most popular way of watching your favorite movies and shows online. You don’t have to bother with downloading, nor you have to waste your time and valuable HDD space. Problem is – most of the (legal) streaming services are free. Although, the internet provided some alternatives to the premium was. Alluc was on the throne for a moment.

Alluc (or “All You See” – how it should be said) was a website that was known as one of the greatest ever third-party websites or video content of various kind. Alluc had a database of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of movies and TV shows of all languages, most popular and obscure anime shows, cartoons and even adult content.

Alluc is, unfortunately, no more. As it goes with the sites of this kind, the fire burns bright but short. Happy thing is, that Alluc left a legacy that was too big not to pick up on. Because of that, today, we have an amazing set of interesting lookalikes that provide similar services.

With this list, we are looking to fill the big Alluc-shaped hole in your heart. So here is the list of top websites like Alluc to stream TV shows and movies.

1. Ololo

Ololo is widely accepted as the new Alluc. It is similar to it as it is a third-party website that doesn’t have its own player or service. Instead of forms a base of user-generated content that is spread throughout various streaming services.

With this in mind, it is much more easy to get many alternative links for a similar thing. If something bothers you about one streaming service, you often have more links that you can choose from. This also lowers the possibility of broken links – you will usually find a working link for what you’re looking for.

The database is still fresh so it doesn’t contain as many names as Alluc had but it is slowly growing and it will exponentially get bigger and bigger. Definitely worth checking if you want to replace Alluc in your life.

2. Popcorn Time

You have probably heard about Popcorn Time. If you haven’t – where were you? This amazing application is a wonder. It is completely free, yet it behaves as a premium software should.

The key to Popcorn Time, who has its own video player, is that it functions on the principle of BitTorrent. So, it leeches of the other people who are streaming to provide the best experience.

You have an abundance of movies and TV shows that are streamable on this app and all the services are absolutely free. It has a brilliant interface, many languages to choose from and you can set it up for less than 5 minutes, and enjoy it for eternity.

3. LeonFlix

Similar to Popcorn Time, LeonFlix is one more streaming service that you are required to download and set up, before reaping the benefits.

This app behaves as a search engine or an aggregate for all the hosted movies, shows, etc. on other streaming websites and then, enables you to play it through this app. Because of this characteristic, it is like an app version of Alluc.

This app is amazing since it looks to extract only the video from the streaming websites and tries to avoid the ads which are a noble cause. You will be able to watch a free online stream of some popular movies and not be forced to close a bunch of pop-ups. The website is still in its beta version, though, so it may cause some bugs. Nothing too serious.

4. TubiTV

TubiTV is a good and completely legal Alluc alternative where you can watch various new and old movies and TV shows with the catch of having to watch a couple of short ads in 12-15 minutes interval which is basically a primary cash flow of this streaming service.


Since TubiTV does everything by the book and has a deal with a small amount of production houses like Paramount, but is devoid of many popular and new hits because of that (too expensive). You have a bunch of amazing content here like stand-up comedy shows or some nature TV shows. It’s a great app to try.

One downside – if you aren’t in the USA, some content may not be available for you to stream (because of legal rights etc). You can always try and check, some may be available, sometimes even all, and sometimes – none. It is still a great Alluc alternative to try.

5. 1Channel

Previously known as LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel now rebranded itself and is still one of the top websites in the free streaming world. Over 70 thousand movies and around 10 thousand shows provided for you at any time tell you that this is a serious website.

You will maybe have a tough time to navigate if you are used to modern interface and smoothness of your favorite websites but you will quickly see that all that you need is on the home page. You will find types of content – movies/tv shows/music, etc. and then you will be able to search by genre, release date, popularity, etc.

The links are usually all working and in good condition. You will see the quality right away and you’ll be provided with many different links to choose. A website worth visiting.

6. Housemovie

Housemovie has a nice blend of all the previously mentioned apps and it makes the best out of it. You don’t have to be registered and there is nothing to download, you just go to the website and watch.

There are a lot of adds that you have to jump over but that doesn’t require a lot of time. You will see all the latest releases, as well as countless of oldies – whether it is a blockbuster movie or an indie TV show. You will be impressed with the service this website will provide to you.

7. Primewire

Another very popular and one of the top-bracket streaming websites currently. Primerwire is a go-to place for many cinephiles and binge-watchers and is offering amazing content for many years now.

It is at the moment similar to 1Channel with minor differences and you will require a free account so you can start watching but it is a great place to refer to at any time. Really reliable with the latest content swiftly uploaded without any mistakes and with many different links.

The UI is not the best, and some things may be a bit old-fashioned, but the movies and TV shows you came for are always in top quality. Except for the newest releases that may be in CAM and Scr versions.

So, there it is! This list tries to gather the top-dogs of the free streaming services at this moment. If you have anything to add – make sure to leave a comment. Maybe we have missed some amazing website? Let us know!